Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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The line

Group of friends relax on mattresses tied to a buoy.


Small print size: 112×63 CM
Big print size: 144×81 CM

Each piece is marked by a certificate of authenticity that guarantees its circulation and authenticity.

Each image belongs to a limited edition of up to 100 copies regardless of format and support.


Lambda printing on Fuji Crystal DP II paper is able to meet the highest demands in terms of sharpness and brightness while offering exceptionally full and bright colors. Professional photographers guarantee the quality of the combination of the most modern laser technology, the traditional photochemical development and the renowned high quality Fujicolor paper.


Acrylic glass is light, unbreakable and insensitive to temperature changes. The characteristics of an authentic photographic print are enhanced by the composite panel behind glossy acrylic glass, which enhances the brilliance of the colors and accentuates the effect of depth. Choose the thickness of the glass that best fits your photo behind acrylic glass. 2 mm thick for delicate effects behind acrylic glass, depth of space and bright colors and presentations of all kinds.

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