Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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There is a time of year, in Italy, where we are all equal, in which all the differences vanish and the social classes, if they still exist, flatten out, this time is the summer.

“Italian Summer” is a journey in constant evolution, a journey that wants to tell the Italian spirit on vacation in a transversal way, investigating the different approaches and the different social groups that have formed in recent years.


Italian Summer

The social classes, as we have always known them, have disappeared: despite the fact that in 2017 Istat identified as many as nine classes divided by income and type of activity, today they are no longer as visible as they used to be. These groups are in fact subject to a strong and incessant loss of identity linked to the precarization and fragmentation of work paths, but also to the change of attributions and meanings of the different professional roles.

The “Italian Summer” project shows a current cross-section of the Italian welfare state at this precise historical moment, at a time when classes lose their boundaries while maintaining certain features that emerge strongly, and sometimes cancel each other out.

Summer becomes the territory of belonging of all, of every worker, of young and old, Italians and foreigners, it is a shared moment, where, before the sun and the tan every difference melts and is lost, and everything is leveled .

“Italian Summer” is a path in constant motion linked to territoriality, to the different Italian regions, to their peculiarities, sometimes simply painted in their natural characteristics sometimes characterized by their paradoxes.

The point of view from above, puts the photographer above everything, as if he did not enter into the merits of any social or economic classification.

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Jacopo Di Cera

Born in Milan in 1981, Jacopo has worked in branding and communications for a number of different multinational companies over the years. This path has led him across the country of Italy, bringing him to Rome in 2004.

Over the past few years he has had the pleasure of studying photography with several renowned international photographers, alongside whom he has been able to push artistic boundaries and hone his craft.

In the initial years of his training in photography, his works in Rome were exhibited at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere, contributing as well to an important project on Jerusalem in Palazzo Valentini. In 2010 he won the prestigious third place in a National Geographic  photography competition.  In 2016, with the project “Fino alla Fine Del Mare,” Jacopo used the subject of the barges of the island of Lampedusa to tell a story about migration. This work was exhibited in various museums, galleries and interaction fairs including: MIA Photo Fair — Milan; Fotofever Paris Photo— Paris; Palazzo Velli Expò — Rome; Les rencontres de la photographie — Arles ; Festival Con_vivere — Carrara ; PAN — Naples;  Paratissima — Turin, Atelier Photo — Geneva, Galleria Breda — Padua.

In 2017 he obtained increased international visibility by exhibiting his work during the Venice Art Biennial at the Accorsi Gallery in San Stae, on the boat of Pier Paolo Pasolini, “Oedipus the King,” at the Venice Arsenal, and at the Venice Film Festival. These works were selected for exhibition alongside the work of such distinguished artists as Dacia Maraini, Vasco Rossi, and Frederick Wiseman.

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